Who is my IMS Officer contact?

Each of our sports is run by a member of our IMS Exec - all student volunteers.

Position Name Email address
Vice President Intramural Declan McLaughlin eusu.vpim@ed.ac.uk
Intramural Sport Coordinator Pete Chambers eusu.imcoordinator@ed.ac.uk
Basketball Connor Littler eusu.imbasketball@ed.ac.uk
Football (M) Donald Munro-Faure & Ewan Pow eusu.imfootball@ed.ac.uk
Football (W) Loana Gericke eusu.imwomensfootball@ed.ac.uk
Football 5s Michel Abdelmalk eusu.imfives@ed.ac.uk
Hockey Natalie McCaig eusu.imhockey@ed.ac.uk
Netball Abigail Paul eusu.imnetball@ed.ac.uk
Rugby Fergus MacKenzie eusu.imrugby@ed.ac.uk
Squash Ralph Pompeus eusu.imsquash@ed.ac.uk
Media Ema Kosova eusu.immedia@ed.ac.uk


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