Coaching and Officiating Fund

Overview & Criteria

Coaches and officials are key to the successes of all of our sports clubs and intramural teams. With that in mind, it is a key strategic target to look to improve our support of these individuals. The Coaching and Volunteering Academy (CVA) has launched a fund which is available for clubs and intramural teams to gain support for individuals to obtain qualifications to help their club.

This fund is to help make coaching and officiating courses more accessible to clubs. Should a club or intramural team be having any coaching or officiating issues, then they should contact or ASAP for support.

Please note that funding will be allocated on the following basis:

  1. The student must not be in their final year of study so that the club / IM team can benefit from the qualification being obtained (please note that applications for non-students are also accepted, provided they are committed to contributing to their club / programme over the 12 months ahead).
  2. Should the club / IM team want to put their own coaching or officiating course on for 10 or more people, please touch base with on how this can be done.
  3. Funding is allocated based on the following criteria:
    1. Level of course applying to attend.
    2. Club / Individual contribution.
    3. The number of total applications received.
    4. The impact in terms of benefits this qualification will have to the club / IM team / programme / SU.

Should any of the above be unclear, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ross Simpson or Michael Webster


The Coaching & Officiating Fund has closed for 2018/19. If you, or your, club are looking to obtain funding with regards to running a coaching or officiating course for members, please e-mail Michael Webster.



The key dates for the Coaching & Officiating Fund for 2019/20 are as follows - these will be finalised prior to the start of Semester 1. Please be aware that retrospective applications can be made for qualifications that are obtained outwith these windows or term-time (i.e. an application to the fund in Semester 1, can be made for a UKCC Level 1 qualification obtained in August 2019).

Semester 1

1st October 2019, 0900 Fund opens for applications.
21st October 2019, 2359 Fund closes for applications.
25th October 2019 Clubs / individuals informed of outcome of applications


Semester 2

23rd January 2020, 0900 Fund opens for applications.
17th February 2020, 2359 Fund closes for applications.
21st February 2020 Clubs / individuals informed of outcome of applications



* Please note that the above application forms will only be open during the dates mentioned above.

Other Funding

There are various other funding opportunities available, external of the Coaching & Volunteering Academy
  •  Sport Scotland - UKCC subsidy for coaches, click here for more information.
  •  The City of Edinburgh Council - further support for UKCC qualifications, click here for more information.



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