The Coaching & Volunteering Academy (CVA) at The University of Edinburgh provides valuable sport based coaching, volunteering and leadership opportunities that enhance student experience, coaches’ skills and personal development for a vast array of individuals.

From sports club volunteering projects, to one-off individual opportunities, the CVA exists to support you through every stage of your coaching and volunteering journey. Through the CVA, coaches can gain further qualifications, valuable best practices sharing and funding to further their skills. There are also opportunities to shadow other coaches, and work with staff to support club development. Club volunteers will receive club training specific to their role, inclusivity training, and access to many more opportunities that allow them to gain valuable experience that will support them in future employment. 

All volunteers (club, intramural and/or SU) and registered coaches have access to opportunities through the CVA. To give you an idea of some of the fantastic work that goes into delivering sport at the University, you can view the CVA's members of the month here.

Watch our video from University Mental Health Day 2024

Apply to be the next CVA Intern - deadline 12pm on 5th April