Member of the Month

As part of the Coaching and Volunteering Academy (CVA) we want to celebrate the contribution of volunteers, coaches and officials to sport at the University. Therefore, every month we will select a volunteer, coach or official who has made a significant contribution within their area. This contribution can take place at any point in the sporting spectrum, from recreational or IM to performance, and everything in between! As well as being featured in the Sports Union Essentials weekly newsletter, the winner of the award will receive a CVA t-shirt!

Member of the Month - October 2023



How do I nominate someone for the award?

Anyone who is part of the CVA programme (i.e. all club & SU volunteers and coaches) can submit a nomination if they know of someone that they feel deserving of the accolade. Nominations can be made at any time, and may revolve around a particular moment, competition or the contribution of the individual over the month.

Nominations will close on the last day of each month, with the winner announced across the CVA social media channels and in the Sports Union Essentials weekly newsletter, they will also appear on the CVA homepage!



Previous Winners


Month Name Club Position
October Katie Douglas-Hall Ultimate President
  Ethan Prestwood Touch Rugby Treasurer
  Tom Aitchison Shinty Member
  Rosie Sumsion Shinty Secretary
  Daniel Steel Mountaineering Environmental Secretary
  Gerogie Hayley Snowsports Wellbieng & Inclusion Officer
September Matt Kerr Windsurf and Surf President
  Ailsa Smith Athletics Publicity & Vice Social Secretary
  Leah Macdonald Swimming & Water Polo President



Month Name  Club Position
September Heather Woods Muay-Thai Secretary
October Olivia Howden Kickboxing Social Secretary
November Movember Fundraisers    
January Tom Dunn & Lily Hart Korfball Tournament Secretaries
February Katie Alexander Womens Football Vice President
March Aden Haussmann Karate Club Fitness Captain



 October 2020
 Aitana Verdú Schlie  Volleyball  Secretary, Beach Coach, W2 Coach  Click Here
 September 2020
 Olivia Haywood
 Touch Rugby
 Publicity Officer
 Click Here
 Lockdown 2.0
 George Malczyk
 Jam Coordinator
 Click here
 Lockdown 1.0 
 Vicente Trelles Fernandez
 Kumite Captain
 Click here
 February 2020
 Rachel MacRae
 Click here
 January 2020
 Edmund Lau  Table Tennis  Vice President & BUCS Captain  Click here
 November 2019
 Abi Plowman
 Hare & Hounds
 Race Organiser
 Click here
 October 2019
 Kirsten Campbell Guion
 Trip Convenor
 Click here
 September 2019
 Charlie Burrows
 Publicity Manager
 Click here


 April 2019
 Colin Brady
 Windsurf & Surf
 Team Captain 
 March 2019
 Daniel Gutteridge
 Volunteer Coach & Equipment Officer
 Click here
 February 2019
 Emily Hazley
 Community & Development Officer 
 Click here
 January 2019
 Laura King
 Event Organiser for EUOC Big Weekend
 Click here
 November 2018
 Beth Fellows
 Korfball & Media Team 
 Committed Volunteer
 Click here
 October 2018
 Nathan Whear
 Volunteer - Women's Team Coach
 Click here
 September 2018
 Tea Sallstedt Elming
 Muay Thai
 Volunteer - Secretary
 Click here 


 September 2017
 Paul McLaughlin
 Volunteer - Secretary
 Click here
 October 2017
 Jacob Adkin
 Hare and Hounds
 Volunteer - Web Master & Kit Secretary
 Click here
 November 2017
 Chris Raffo & Ben Sandford
 Swimming & Water Polo
 Click here
 December 2017
 Ryan McCuaig
 Volunteer - Publicity Officer
 Click here
 January 2018
 Eleri Connick
 Sports Union
 Volunteer - Vice-President
 Click here
 February 2018
 Eilidh Grant
 Click here
 March 2018
 Sarah Thompson
 Women's Football
 Volunteer - President
 Click here
 April & May 2018
 Alix Brewster  Women's Hockey  Volunteer - President  Click here