Incident Reporting

Whether you are at a game, training session, social, or away on a trip, sport at Edinburgh University should be a place for everyone to feel safe and welcome to participate. Through training at the start of the semester, we educate our committee members and intramural captains about our expectations and how to maintain a positive club environment.

As a Sports Union, we are here to listen and respond to any issues or concerns our students or members of the public have about activity in our clubs, intramural teams, and the wider Sports Union.  

Any concerns reported will be anonymous and we will not collect any information that identifies you, such as name or email, unless you provide it. If you feel comfortable doing so you have the option to provide us with minimal personal details. These will not be shared with anyone. Providing personal information may allow us to follow up with you for further information. This will be exclusively to help us take appropriate action. If you do not share any personal details your report will still be incredibly valuable in helping us prevent issues in future.

Click on the relevant platforms below to report incidents or concerns.




Consent Collective: Should I Report?



Code of Conduct and Policy

All members must read and agree to our code of conduct before joining. You can also refer to our policies, including alcohol and initiations, safeguarding and safety policies below.

EUSU Code of Conduct

EUSU Policies

Wellbeing Resources

Does your club do something great to maintain a positive club environment? Let know about what you are doing well!

We have brought together some helpful resources on various topics for club members, Wellbeing Officers, and coaches. If you would like more information, please reach out to our Sports Union Wellbeing Officer who will be more than happy to help you.