Club Deadline Guide 2023/24



Club AGMs

One of the most important deadlines for semester 2 is the club AGM deadline. This year it is the 26th February 2024 (two weeks before the Sports Union AGM). At your AGM you must elect your committee for the following academic year, and pass any constitution changes you wish to make.


Decide a date and book a room. You can do this yourself via the University Student Group room booking service, or by contacting with your requirements. It is best to give your members enough notice as possible.

Read your club constitution, to see if there are any changes you need to make or if there are any specific requirements for your AGM.

Take a look at the How to Run a Club AGM Guide. If you think you need someone from the Sports Union Exec to go along to your AGM to make sure things run smoothly, please contact 

One week before (at the latest):

Inform Peter ( of any major constitution changes you plan to make (such as changing a committee role). To save you time after your AGM, it is easiest to fill out the constitution reason for changes form (download here) at this point.

Send round agenda and papers to your members, including any constitution changes you plan to make.

Check your quorum. This is set in the Sports Union constitution at 30 paid members or 1/3 of your club's paid members, whichever is fewer. If your constitution has a higher number you will need to abide by that. If you don't have enough people at your AGM, no votes will be allowed to take place, and you will need to host your AGM at another time.

At your AGM

Once your committee members have been elected, please make sure they submit their contact details to the Sports Union via a form that will be shared before the AGM deadline.

After your AGM:

Please fill out the AGM completion form before 9am Thursday 29th February. This will require your AGM minutes (see the How to Run an AGM guide for a template), your up-to-date constitution, and if you made constitution changes, a constitution reason for changes form (download here). Club constitution changes need to be ratified at the Sports Union AGM.

Remember that your current role doesn't end at the AGM. The official handover date is 1st July 2024, until which point you are expected to fulfill the duties of your 2023/24 role unless you have agreed otherwise. We recommend fully handing over no earlier than May, but it is useful to have a couple of months of overlap where you have handover meetings and a period of shadowing. Remember, you have put a lot of work into this year, so it is important you dedicate the time to giving a good handover so that your work doesn't get lost.