Haries (Running Club) Monday Run

Mon 16 January 2023 18:15-20:00
Meet beside play park at South East Meadows

Harie Monday Run (HMR) is an easy group run where members can socialise and meet each week. There are 3 groups that all go off at different times (see below for times/paces!). Each run lasts roughly 45 minutes and it is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Haries and to learn some cool new running routes around the city! We will have four groups, each led by senior members of the club to show around the best running routes in Edinburgh! Fast group (~4:30/km for 10km) meet at 18:15 , Medium-fast (~5:00/km for 8km) meet at 18:25 , Medium-slow (~5:30/km for 6km) meet at 18:35 , We also have a jogging group that meets at 19:00 in the same location! This group doesn’t have a set pace but is inclusive for all abilities and those looking to get started!

Meet at DVC (dick vet corner) - beside the traffic lights at the playpark in the south-east of the meadows.

No sign up required.