Find a Team

Have a think about who you would like to play for. Do you want to represent your school? Perhaps you want to play with others from your Hall of Residence? 

Many teams involved in IM Sport are associated with academic schools, EUSA societies, and Halls of Residences. Others are built around groups of mutual friends.

A number of schools have collaborated with the Sports Union to establish new sports programmes within their student experience opportunities. They can be viewed below and interested individuals can sign up by clicking on their school's button. If your school is not here, why not start your own using our Create a Team Guide.

Similarly, for 2023/24 we will be introducing sports clubs for each of the 4 Halls of Residence communities operated by ResLife. Find out which one you qualify for below and sign up.

Keep an eye out on social media for any teams that may be advertising for new players. Our Give it a Go sessions held during Welcome Week are also a great opportunity to meet new people and speak to captains of existing teams. Should you find yourself without a team after Welcome Week, contact who will be able to provide assistance. 

Academic School Teams

Halls of Residence Teams