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For our latest edition of People of the SU, we spoke to Jack Templeton a recent Pharmacology graduate from 2020 & former President of the Karate Club.

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Picture of Jack Templeton Jack Templeton

For our latest edition of People of the SU, we spoke to Jack Templeton a recent Pharmacology graduate from 2020 & former President of the Karate Club.


“Taking up the sport when I was 5, I really don’t think I will stop - stepping on the dojo releases a new sense of energy for myself. From joining the Karate club in my second year at Edinburgh, Karate has been a very significant part of my university experience. Not just socially but helping create a better balance between my studies allowing me to have more self-discipline. Personally, the sport has given me confidence and self-belief, even becoming more extroverted than I used to be.


Taking up positions of responsibility for the Karate Club I have developed communication skills, to deliver for your friends and peers within the club, you have to be energetic, you have to speak out for the better. Becoming Secretary in my 3rd year I was able to act as a voice for the club to speak to the Sports Union.


Previously the Karate Club was at a transitioning period with there being two separate clubs for the two different styles of Shukokai and Shotokan. There was a lot of support for the merger, however there was loud opposition for having two separate clubs. Going to both meetings for both of the Shukokai and Shotokan was challenging, though is something I am really proud to look back at for actively campaigning to making Karate at Edinburgh the best it can be.


In my last year I was very grateful for having the opportunity to be the first President of the unified Karate club, increasing membership numbers, and planning disability sport sessions for the club. Allowing fellow students to participate in Karate removing all barriers to participating, as well as advocating for LGBT equality within our club and the university community.


Performance wise having our club finish 2nd in the British Championships and winning the Scottish Championships in September are moments that I am very proud off.


Participating in 6 to 7 sessions a week with the club when I was President was testament to the family feel enveloped within our club, emphasising that it really can be easy to get sucked into all things Karate! Socially the moments I will look back on are the Halloween events getting to dress up in funky costumes - they are notorious - and going to the Halloween Potlucks with your best mates seeing everyone else in a different light.


Moving forward I am looking forward to studying a masters in Nottingham, having one last crack at a BUCS competition. My advice would be to immerse yourself in everything in the Karate club, wherever I go Karate will be the first place I will seek to attend too.”


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