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In our latest #PeopleoftheSU we spoke to Youth Commonwealth Judo Championships medallist and recent Law graduate Rae Anderson.

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In our latest #PeopleoftheSU we spoke to Youth Commonwealth Judo Championships medallist and recent Law graduate Rae Anderson.

“Judo has been an essential part of my life as young adult, growing up competing in the sport from the age of 10, I have met some great friends and made memories for a lifetime. I joined the sport after two boys in my extremely small Borders primary school started and being as competitive as I am, I didn’t want to be left out. Weeks after I started, I began to excel over the boys and that’s how my judo journey began. What I like most about Judo is how unpredictable it is. You always have to be on your toes. Coming from the Borders, I was so excited to learn I secured a place at the University of Edinburgh and would have access to their world class sporting facilities."

"My passion for judo and my dedication resulted in me being selected for the Borders Athlete Support Programme aged 15, allowing me to dedicate and focus more of my energy into my sport. Two years later I stepped up a level, representing Scotland in the Commonwealth Judo Championships held in Port Elizabeth returning home with two bronze medals. Moving to Edinburgh being given a spot within the Team Performance Sport Programme was great, as it gave me the opportunity to learn from other athletes. It was lovely to see similarities in people’s training to mine, and training alongside other sporting athletes made me feel part of a collective group."

"During my first two years unfortunately, I couldn’t train with the University Judo club because my training with Judo Scotland clashed with the uni’s club training. There were periods when I found Judo very mentally draining and struggled to juggle it alongside my classes. I got stuck in a rut because training felt like a chore and got to the point where I wanted to quit the sport altogether. I think officially joining the uni club in my 3rd year was a welcome relief to me and allowed me to find love for the sport again. Despite coming to the club for the first time as an experienced Judo player, I was still nervous going into a new environment. I guess this can only be natural for anyone regardless of their ability. Thankfully, I hit the ground running with the club in the role as social secretary and begun thriving and enjoying my sport again in a welcoming atmosphere."

"Within the Judo club I became women’s captain in my 4th year, and I was proud to drive for an increase in female participation. I obtained my coaching qualifications to assist my fellow athletes helping run the female only sessions we introduced that year. I have many fond memories of the club and will always remember the Drink to Dan Cocktails and Mocktails social. This is something everyone looks forward to as they attempt to drink their way to the ultimate black belt. Out of the Dojo, competing in Croatia at the European Universities Championships representing Edinburgh University was a tremendous experience. Furthermore, competing in the 2020 BUCS team final was very special to me resulting in my lengthly training schedule at uni reaping its rewards as we were shortlisted for team of the year. I am very proud to have been awarded both colours and full blues in recognition of my contribution to the committee and sporting achievements for the University."

"Judo were always inclusive and even my pre- event superstitions stayed the same, always wearing the same bright leggings with sliders and funky patterned socks. I believe you should always do what makes you happy and comfortable."

"I honestly couldn’t recommend Judo enough; it is one of the best stressbuster’s sports out there. Just give it a go! In the future I will continue to pursue my goal in coaching while remaining connected with the club as alumni.”

In our #AlumnioftheSU we seek to discover what sporting memories stood out for former students of our Sports Union, as well as learning how sport has helped them reach positive destinations in life after Edinburgh.
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