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Learn to skydive with us!

Hello, brave new students! 

We offer SOLO skydiving courses at a very advantageous price for complete beginners. Seasoned jumpers are of course welcome too!

Freefalling at roughly 120mph, skydiving is undoubtedly the most fun and fast-paced sport you'll find at university. Join us to jump from 3000ft above the beautiful Lake District, learn how to fly and land your own parachute, and progress to being a qualified skydiver as quickly as you like. 

EUSDC's dropzone is Skydive Northwest, which we share with the skydiving clubs of Liverpool and Manchester universities.  We are also affiliated with the British Collegiate Parachute Association, who organise annual competitions, trips abroad and socials with other UK university clubs, making skydiving one of the most well-connected and sociable sports you can begin here at Edinburgh.

We run beginners courses at the beginning of both semesters 1 and 2. Click on EVENTS to see available upcoming course dates.

Find us on Facebook for any queries, qualms or more details:

We can't wait to get jumping with you! 


The Course: 

This is a SOLO course, not a one-off tandem jump. This is your chance to learn how to skydive all by yourself, progressing gradually until you can zoom around at 15,000ft, feeling and looking awesome. 

The course is called RAPS, or the Ram Air Progression System. This is a static-line system that allows you to get jumping by yourself straight away, your parachute deployed automatically until you are ready to run the whole show. 

The course takes a day to complete, and we spend the whole weekend at the dropzone together to squeeze in as many jumps as we can. We leave Edinburgh on the Friday night; you'll do the course on the Saturday; and then, weather depending, you'll be jumping out of a plane from 3000ft on Sunday! 

After your first jump, you're able to progress through the stages of the RAPS system and become a qualified skydiver in as few as 16 jumps. You won't be pushed to progress any faster than you are comfortable with; but we find our members become quickly addicted to the adrenaline! 

If you would like to join us on a course weekend, please click on the event link, sign up and select

a) a full year membership at £30 and

b) your chosen course at £180



  • a sleeping bag (the warmest you can get)
  • plenty of cosy layers (never overestimate the temperature...)
  • comfortable, sturdy trainers/shoes (without hooks around the laces)
  • cash for food (there's no card machine at the DZ) 
  • outdoor clothing (that might get muddy)

You're also welcome to bring snacks, drinks and games!

We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
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