Basketball Club

At Edinburgh we run 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams for men and women and intramural basketball, meaning there is definitely a team for you.

All of our teams are very competitive in their respective leagues. Indeed, our 1st teams are some of the best in Scotland and regularly compete against universities from across Britain. This year our Women’s 1st team successfully won both the Scottish Cup and Playoff Trophy while our Men’s 1st team won the Scottish University League 1A. Additionally, the social aspect of the club is very important and this makes us a great way to make friends. 


CONTACT: If you have any questions with regards to getting involved with the club then e-mail us on


Please be aware, to join this club you must have purchased a Sport & Exercise Gym Membership, which is available HERE

We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
  • Basketball Sports Ball After Dinner Tickets£260.00

Should an individual require a refund – this can only be done by the club you have joined in cash or cheque (at their own discretion). The Sports Union Membership cannot be refunded, and neither can the transaction fee.


  • Basketball Club BUCS Women's Prem Membership£225.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Women's 2 Membership£165.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Women's 1 Membership Semester 1£125.00
  • Basketball Club IM Semester Membership£25.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Mens 1 Membership£165.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Prem Membership 1 Semester£125.00
  • Basketball Club Non Student Membership£205.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Men's 2 & 3 Membership£155.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Women's 2 & SBC Membership£260.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Men's 1,2,3 & Women's 2,3 Membership 1 Semester£95.00
  • Basketball Club BUCS Women's 3 Membership£155.00
  • Basketball Club IM Membership£50.00


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