Kendo Club

Kendo is a Japanese Martial Art concerned with the principles of the sword. Kendoka are armed with shinai (bamboo swords) and bogu (armour). A great workout for discipline and adrenaline.

There is no kicking punching or throwing, just emphasis on the sword - meaning it is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, as everyone trains together. Our beginners course is very well structured and the vast majority of people starting kendo at University have no prior experience. You will be taken all the way from basic footwork to free sparring and competitions within the first year.


CONTACT: If you have any questions with regards to getting involved with the club then e-mail us on


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  • Kendo Club Full Year Student Membership£45.00
  • Kendo Club Semester 2 Only Non Student Membership£35.00
  • Kendo Club Semester 2 Student£30.00
  • Kendo Club Full Year Non Student Membership£55.00