Hockey Club (Mens)

Edinburgh University Men’s Hockey Club has 7 teams, catering for everyone from those who want to train at the highest level, to those who have not played the game before.

  • 7 teams.

  • Over 180 members.

  • Largest men’s university hockey club in the United Kingdom.

  • Highest performing men’s university hockey club in Scotland.

This is Edinburgh University Men’s Hockey Club.

We are immensely proud to be the largest Men’s University Hockey Club in the UK, one of the largest male senior clubs in Scotland, and quite simply the best sports club in the country.

We have 7 teams and thus are able to cater to all abilities. Therefore whether you are yet to pick up a stick or have represented Great Britain in the Olympics, there is a place for you in EUMHC. Most teams will play two fixtures a week: we have 6 teams entered in the Wednesday BUCS (British Universities and College Sports System) whilst we also have 7 teams split across all tiers of the weekend Scottish Hockey League System.

Our 1XI plays in Scottish Premiership, the highest league in Scotland and they compete with English Universities in the BUCS system playing in Premier League, a whole division above the rest of Scotland. Our other teams are spread throughout the league structures with the 2’s & 3’s playing in central leagues whilst the 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s play more locally in the East of Scotland.

We have a fantastic reputation at the Club for channeling young international talent, training hundreds of former and current international hockey players, more than any other hockey club in the country. Our current and former international talent has ranged from Scotland, England, the Republic of Ireland, Wales, Cyprus, The Netherlands, and Germany.

We are in an incredibly lucky position to be able to offer high-quality coaching across all our teams. An experienced coaching team including Scotland international Hamish Imrie, Scotland Under 18’s coach Bill Robson and our Head of Hockey Development Janice Hudson-Windsor. Hamish has top-flight playing experience in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, and Scotland. He is our Head of Performance, Playercoach of the 1s, and one of the best players currently in Scottish Hockey.

Aside from hockey we also have one of the most vibrant social scenes at the university that few other sports clubs in the UK can compete with. Our sponsor pub, McSorleys, hosts us after matches for food and drink, providing the perfect environment to get to know your teammates and the rest of the club. We also have regular themed socials, that are famous around the university, which we share with our counterparts, Edinburgh University’s Women’s Hockey Club. This combination of Men’s and Women’s clubs gives us the largest university sports social scene in the UK with over 500 members.

In terms of our inclusivity and wellbeing, we strive to achieve the highest of standards, with the forefront goal of becoming one of the most inclusive clubs in Scotland, both on and off the pitch. Our club members come from all walks of life, many coming from the four home nations as well as a strong percentage of European and international athletes. Our charity work over the past years has been tremendously strong, with over £4.8k raised for our annual charity It’s in the Bag, which raises awareness for testicular cancer, as well as Action for Children.

If you would like to find out any more information regarding the club then please don’t hesitate to contact me at or get in touch on Facebook, Twitter (@eumhc), or Instagram (@eumhc). I’m always very happy to speak to you whether you are a potential or returning member, are looking for more information, or just a more general hockey chat!

We are much more than your typical sports club. Our strengths lie, not only in our club size and performance on the pitch but also in our famous social scene, our dedication to charity, and our promotion of a strong inclusive environment makes us one of the best clubs in the United Kingdom.

We are Edinburgh University and this is Edinburgh University Men’s Hockey Club. #wearethegamblers #bleedgreen

  • Kit Bundle (Match Tops, Red and Green + Tie)£90.00
  • Tie£10.00
  • Match Tops (Green)£45.00
  • Match Tops (Red)£45.00

Should an individual require a refund – this can only be done by the club you have joined in cash or cheque (at their own discretion). The Sports Union Membership cannot be refunded, and neither can the transaction fee.


  • Hockey Club (Mens) Full Year Membership Tier A (1s-3s)£125.00
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Full Year Membership Tier B (4s-6s)£115.00
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Full Year Membership Tier C (7s)£105.00
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Non Student Full Year Membership Tier A (1s-3s)£125.00
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Non Student Full Year Membership Tier B (4s-6s)£115.00
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Non Student Full Year Membership Tier C£105.00
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Semester 1 Tier A (1s-3s)£62.50
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Semester 1 Tier B (4s-6s)£57.50
  • Hockey Club (Mens) Semester 1 Tier C (7s)£52.50