Muay Thai

A form of boxing known as The art of eight limbs. Utilising punches, kicks, knees, and elbows; as well as leg sweeps and clinching techniques. Practiced by many for sport, fitness, and self defence.

Training times

Tuesday, (technique + fitness) 20:35 - 22:00  -- Sport & Exercise, Studio

Wednesday, (strength and conditioning), 18:00 - 19:00 -- St. Leonard's Land, Free Weights Gym

Thursday, (technique + fitness) 20:35 - 22:00  -- Sport & Exercise, Studio

Sunday, (sparring) 12:00 - 13:30  -- St.Leonard's Land, Gym 2 


About Muay Thai

Feared in MMA as arguably the most comprehensive striking system in the world; Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport, having existed as a part of their culture for hundreds of years. This isn't just kickboxing with elbows and knees though. In "Thai Boxing" you're allowed to catch people's kicks, opening up a world full of new techniques to control your opponent, sweep their legs out from under them, or throw them into a vulnerable position. Muay thai fighters also don't separate when they clinch, instead continuing to wrestle while standing as they try to knee or throw each other to the ground.


About our club 


Most sessions are led by our highly experienced coach Tea, but we also have one session a week coached by Hannuman Thai Boxing, A professional muay thai gym with competitors at the highest level. At university level we don't spar or compete with elbows or knees to the head, but we still teach elbow techniques at sessions should anyone want to develop further.

Tuesday and Thursday sessions usually involve using pads to teach important techniques and combinations, as well as conditioning drills that promote weight loss and functional fitness. We like to work you hard during these sessions, but we also feel a positive atmosphere is the key to effective training, so expect some good music and a friendly committee there to help you with technique and make you feel welcome.

Wednesday strength and conditioning sessions aren't like your average gym session. Our strength and conditioning coach runs you through a plan full of sport specific exercises, helping you not only build strength but also speed, power, and balance; but most importantly to prevent injuries.

Sunday sparring sessions are where you get to practice the techniques you've been taught and string them together. But it's also an opportunity to build a fight IQ: Gradually learning to measure distance, develop timing, and stay composted. Our sparring sessions are about developing skill, respecting each other, and leaving ego at the door. We don't aim to injure one another or give each other brain damage, and for that reason we save our aggression for the fight nights.


There are more opportunities than ever to compete throughout the year at university fight nights and interclubs. At these fight nights you'll walk out to a song of your choice, before facing an opponent matched up a similar weight and experience level to you. This fight is usually non-decision (no winner is announced),  but when you're ready there is sometimes the option to do an N-Class decision fight.

We also host a yearly intraclub where you engage in competitive sparring matches with your fellow club members, this helps you get a taste of what fights are like incase you don't want to jump in to fight nights straight away.

Whatever degree to which you want to fight though, you'll never be fighting alone. In your corner will be an experience club member giving you water and advise between rounds, while the rest of your teammates cheer you on at the sidelines.


This is where we become more than just a Muay Thai club. Throughout the year we host regular socials where members of the clubs can get to know each other while a little less sweaty. As a club we're not interested in cliqueness, it's as simple as simple as coming along, grabbing a drink (non alcoholic works just fine), and getting to know your training partners. 



CONTACT: If you have any questions with regards to getting involved with the club then e-mail us on; or message us on facebook or instagram.


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