Shinty Club

Come and try Scotland's national sport


Shinty is Scotland’s national sport: a high-speed, full contact game.


We have a men’s and women’s team, who have both been extremely successful over the last few years. The women's team are the current University League champions, while the men have had great successes in previous years as winners of the prestigious and historic Littlejohn tournament in 2019 (2020 event cancelled due to COVID-19). 


We hold mixed weekly training sessions (Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm at Peffermill Playing Fields) and additional fitness sessions for all abilities. Anyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced players. If you have any questions about taking part, please feel free to get in touch.


We are a very friendly club and hold some fantastic socials (including ceilidhs!). We also attend several events and tournaments throughout the year, the most notable being our annual Dublin tour where we compete in a Shinty-Hurling game against an Irish team, which always proves to be an unforgettable weekend. 


If you want fun, fitness, and some Scottish sport, then shinty is the club for you. Bring a friend along too if you'd like!


WANT TO GET IN TOUCH?: Send us a wee email to (or message our Facebook page!) 





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Should an individual require a refund – this can only be done by the club you have joined in cash or cheque (at their own discretion). The Sports Union Membership cannot be refunded, and neither can the transaction fee.


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