Sub-Aqua (Scuba Diving)

Are you already a diver? Want to learn how to dive? Want to explore the underwater beauty of Scotland and beyond? Then EUSAC is the club for you!


Do not buy memberships before having a confirmed place on a trip/training. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS



We SCUBA dive around Scotland from the coral-filled gullies of the east coast to the famous wrecks of Scapa Flow, and even venture abroad to warmer climates. New Asgard from the Avengers? Its our favourite diving spot on the east coast! Join us on our Friday pub nights- pub tbc but we'll be there!

Officially formed in 1968, EUSAC has a long and successful history of delivering fun and interesting diving to all. The Sub-Aqua Club is an incredible way to experience Scotland and get out of the city. We can train you from a complete beginner all the way up to an instructor. As a special-branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, we offer excellent, globally recognised training at affordable prices. You can be in the water in no time and diving with new buddies, no-matter your experience. You won't find better value than at Uni either; we have very cheap kit hire, discounts and our instructors do everything for free!

Our Ocean Diver course for new divers kicks off bright and early in semester 1.  Or,  you can join us as a qualified diver and come on our many trips run throughout the year. Whether you've dived with PADI a few times on holiday or are a Dive Master with 50+ dives under your belt, joining BSAC couldn't be easier! There is a short intro to BSAC lecture and a dive with one of our instructors which includes a basic skills review. The only cost is kit hire and transport (and accommodation if you come on a weekend trip)!

Then you can continue training with us with Sports Diver in semester 2, all on a student budget! Come for a dive off one of our two club boats, or even join us on a cheeky holiday to Malta! With the cheapest kit hire around and top quality banter, what more could you want from your dive buddies? Wrecks, reefs, marine life, surveying, photography... if it's underwater, we're interested! 

CONTACT: If you have any questions with regards to getting involved with the club then join our fb group or e-mail us on

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  • Full Year Non-Student Membership Sub-Aqua (Scuba Diving)£65.00
  • Snorkelling Membership£20.00
  • Semester 2 Student Membership Sub-Aqua (Scuba Diving)£35.00