Taekwondo Club

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and a modern Olympic sport.


New membership prices for 2020/2021 are £30 per semester for students and non-students. 

If you wish to try out the club, we offer a 4-session trial for £10 which is attendance at any of our offered sessions. If you enjoy your time with us, this can be upgraded to a full membership with refund of your original £10. 


With focus on agility, speed and its signature high, fast and spinning kicks, Taekwondo is an amazing way to keep fit and have fun whilst learning a martial art. We welcome people of all skill levels, from complete beginners to black belts. We offer classes in both ITF and WT style Taekwondo, with sessions on both the traditional and competition side of the sport.

Any questions? Send us an email at: taekwondo@ed.ac.uk

You can even visit our website at http://taekwondo.eusu.ed.ac.uk/

Or drop us a message on our Facebook page where you can also keep up to date with our latest events, competitions and news: https://www.facebook.com/EUTKD/ (in addition, club members can join the Facebook group to access online classeshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/2217518737/ ).


CONTACT: If you have any questions with regards to getting involved with the club then e-mail us on taekwondo@ed.ac.uk


Please be aware, to join this club you must have purchased a Sport & Exercise Gym Membership, which is available HERE. (Note: a gym membership is not required for our online classes)


Should an individual require a refund – this can only be done by the club you have joined in cash or cheque (at their own discretion). The Sports Union Membership cannot be refunded, and neither can the transaction fee.


  • Taekwondo Club Semester 2 Only£30.00
  • Taekwondo Club Non-Student Semester 2 Only£30.00
  • 4 Session Pass£10.00


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