Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ro Sham Bo is one of the top university ultimate clubs in Scotland. We compete in Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed divisions.

Ro Sham Bo is the University of Edinburgh’s Ultimate Frisbee team. We have a fun and welcoming attitude, as well as having an impressive history of being amongst the top teams, not only in Scotland, but nationwide. 

Everyone is welcome to join our club, no matter who you are or how much Frisbee you’ve played before. We welcome players of all abilities, from complete beginners, many of whom have never thrown a disc, to experienced players who have played on the international stage. 

We have recreational practice twice a week on the meadows. These sessions are on Wednesday 13:30 – 15:30 and Sunday 11.00-13.00. We also hold indoor sessions on Friday and Sunday for people looking to compete with other Universities. More information about training times can be found on our website.

To see ultimate Frisbee in action, click here!

Training: Outdoor training takes place between 13:30 – 15:30 on Wednesdays and 11.00-13.00 Sundays on the Meadows just off middle meadow walk .Here’s a link to where we play on google maps https://maps.app.goo.gl/CJYsN1G9m1uHArPd8.

Contact: If you have any questions in regard to getting involved with the club, please e-mail us on ultimate.frisbee@ed.ac.uk, or send us a message through Facebook or Instagram.

Please be aware, to join this club (for indoors or Peffermil training) you must have purchased a Sport & Exercise Gym Membership, which is available HERE

Our Club Values: Inclusion, Performance, Enjoyment

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Should an individual require a refund – this can only be done by the club you have joined in cash or cheque (at their own discretion). The Sports Union Membership cannot be refunded, and neither can the transaction fee.

You may be eligible for financial assistance to help you take part in sport. You can find more information about the University's Participation Grant and other hardship funds here.


  • Full Year Competitive (Ultimate Frisbee Club)£40.00
  • Full Year Recreational - Meadows Only£25.00
  • Semester 2 Recreational - Meadows Only£15.00
  • Semester 2 Competitive (Ultimate Frisbee Club)£25.00
  • Semester 2 Non-Student Membership£15.00
  • Full Year Non Student Membership£25.00