Coach Registration

All coaches and session leads (both paid and voluntary) must register with the Sports Union at the beginning of each academic year. By registering with the CVA, you will gain access to student-priced Sport & Exercise membership, facilities and membership to the Coaching & Volunteering Academy. It is also imperative that all coaches are aware of their governing bodies polices around safeguarding, and good coaching practices. 

CVA membership grants you access to events throughout the year which range from club develpment to coaching CPD opportunities and will also be added to our Coaches Team which is a space for networking, resource sharing and collaborating with other coaches and volunteers across the Sports Union. 

To register for 2022/23 CVA membership, please complete the Registration form. 

More information on coach registration, including services agreements, can be found here.

Coaching and Volunteering Academy

Once you have registered as a Sports Union coach you will become a member of the Coaching & Volunteering Academy. The CVA seeks to support you through every stage of your journey as a coach or volunteer at the university. The CVA offers up a variety of benefits as follows:

  •   CPD opportunities - workshops & events taking place throughout the year to support your development, and improve your experience as a coach.
  •   Funding towards qualifications - funding for additional coaching qualifications can be applied for via the Coaching & Officiating fund.
  •   Online resources - a bank of online resources signposting you to support within the university, and beyond.

Upon registering as a coach, if you opt-out of receiving communications through the CVA, you won’t hear from us too much. If you change your mind at any point and would like to start receiving information regarding all of the things mentioned above, then please please get in touch via or call 0131 650 9866.


Useful Links & Resources

At the CVA, we want to ensure that all of our coaches and volunteers feel supported in their roles and are prepared for any challenges they may encounter on their coaching journey; in order to help with this, we have compiled some resources below which we feel will help you on your own coaching journey. 

The resources are a mix of longer and more informative documents and also shorter documents which provide an overview on the topic of focus. If you are unsure about anything included below or would like anything more to be included, please email


   Safegaurding in Sport 


 Coaching Disabled People                                           Inclusive Coaching Quick Guide

 Accessible & Inclusive Communication Guide         Hearing Impairment Coaching Guide     

    British Sign Language for Sport                            Disability Terminology Guidance

 RED-S Guidance for Coaches                                 Eating Disorders Fact Sheet 

 Mental Health Information & Training.              Doping Information & Guidance    

Concussion Awareness Fact Sheet                         LGBTIQA+ inclusion        


Facility Access & Membership

Since 2019, coaches no longer require coaches pass to access the Pleasance facilities. Instead, all registered coaches are added to an approved coaches list that both the Pleasance reception and the Sports Union have access to. You will be added to this list following registration, and will therefore be able to gain facility access (at your club’s session times).

If you are a non-student coach, you can obtain a membership for Sport & Exercise facilities at the student rate for Semester 2, please email for more details. 

Further Support & Opportunities

If you require any additional support as a coach, have a general question about the Sports Union, or are unsure about anything on this page, please contact or call 0131 650 9866.

If you are a coach looking to get involved in sport at the university, check out our latest opportunities or get in touch.