Judo Club 70th Anniversary

Established in 1953, we are celebrating 70 years of the Judo Club being a Sports Union member Club!

Established in 1953, we are celebrating 70 years of the Judo Club being a Sports Union member Club!

Notable highlights include:

2023 Sarah Adlington becomes the third Judo athlete inducted into Edinburgh University Sports Hall of Fame after Sam Ingram 2018 & Graeme Randall MBE 2009

2021/22 Chris Bateman – Neil Campbell shield for outstanding sports organisation and services

2013/14 Sarah Adlington Commonwealth Games Gold


To celebrate the milestone for the club we spoke to a couple of the club's alumni and they told us about their time as an Edinburgh University Judo Club member.

Bill Reith Judo Club Captain 1972-73

"I joined the EU Judo Club during Freshers' Week in 1968. Although I had played rugby at school, I was keen to take up something new - and the university offered a fabulous choice of activities. I continued in the Judo Club until graduation in July 1974. As you will see from the resume` below, I progressed 'through the ranks' becoming captain in 1972-73. The most memorable thing for me was our coach, George Kerr - a talented competitor in his own right, he was hugely supportive pop the club and team and we were privileged to have someone of his calibre to teach us. He also gave us the perk of using his own club, The Edinburgh Club, for training."


Chris Bateman 2018/19 & 2020/21 Club President

“Being part of the judo club was the best thing that I did while I was at uni, I'm truly grateful for the friends I made and the opportunities it gave me. It doesn't matter why you train or what you get out of each session, find a reason to be there; 99 out of 100 times you'll feel better at the end than when you started.”


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