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Jump about town with EUPK!

Last updated: 28/01/2022. Please note that we will be adapting our plans as and when changes arise in government guidance relating to COVID-19. Everyone attending a session must sign up to the session beforehand for contact tracing purposes. We also encourage everyone to install the Scottish Test & Protect app.


What is parkour?

Parkour / Freerunning is the non-competitive physical discipline of training to move freely through the environment using natural movement. Through parkour, you can develop your functional strength, fitness, balance, control and creative vision. Meet a community of like-minded individuals, challenge yourself, and most importantly, have a lot of fun along the way!

What is EUPK?

Here at EUPK we run coached classes with coaches from Access Parkour, as well as more informal training sessions known as jams. At jams you can put newly learned skills from classes into use, and generally play about in your environment. The location of outdoor classes and jams will vary.

Complete beginners, experienced parkour practitioners and anyone in between can all attend our classes and jams. No matter your level of fitness or experience, you will be welcome at EUPK - come and jump with us!

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Regular Sessions

  • Wednesday 5.30-7pm, Outdoor Class, location varies (£5) - sign up here
  • Wednesday 7pm onwards, jam/informal training, location varies (free) - see Facebook group
  • Saturday 6-8pm, Indoor Session, Room to Move (£6) - sign up here

You are welcome to try one class before needing to become a member!

We will be running socials throughout the semester - we have previously run socials such as potlucks, trips to the local trampoline park and film nights!

We also run day trips to train in nearby cities, and meet up to train with other university parkour clubs. 

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N.B. you do NOT need a Sport & Exercise Gym Membership to join EUPK.

If you have any questions with regards to getting involved with the club then e-mail us on



Should an individual require a refund – this can only be done by the club you have joined in cash or cheque (at their own discretion). The Sports Union Membership cannot be refunded, and neither can the transaction fee.


  • Parkour Club Full Year Membership£20.00
  • Parkour Club Non Student Full Year Membership£20.00
  • Parkour Club Semester 2 Membership£12.00
  • Parkour Club Non Student Semester 2 Membership£12.00